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Commercial Architecture: RS2 Architects Office Remodel

Location: Wheaton, IL

Currently under development is the redesign of the RS2 Architects’ office space. We have decided to move the conference space to the main part of the studio and then move all our plotters and printers and other office machines back into the old conference area. Adding a bit of drama to our space, a new open ceiling structure and column will highlight the conference / presentation area. The classically styled entablature will provide a nice counterpoint to our otherwise modern office, and help define the presentation area further as a space within a space. Other features will include additional lighting and new logos as you enter the space, as well as a logo painted on our black ceiling. We also will be adding a flat screen monitor in our presentation area so that we can reduce our in-office printing. The new monitor will also provide a more effective way to integrate animations and web content into our presentations.