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Commercial Architecture: 120 N. Hale Adaptive Re-Use

Location: Wheaton, IL

This project entailed the complete reuse and remodel of a prominent 1926 three-story brick building in downtown Wheaton. The building was converted from a classification of residential three-bedroom apartment to commercial open loft type office space. During the conversion, the top floor was completely gutted to create a column free space. In order to make this happen all interior load-bearing walls were removed and a steel structure – spanning nearly 40 feet – was added to carry the roof loads. In another part of the structure a storage building was converted to office space that includes a temperature and humidity controlled computer server room. Overall, the building’s adaptive reuse transformation includes new technology applications such as state of the art HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. Parts of the structure were also retrofitted with new openings and fitted with energy-efficient windows and skylights, to provide natural lighting and in turn reduce energy consumption The reuse of this older structure reflects the building owner’s desire to create a better working environment for his employees. Locating the business in an older established downtown area ensures that employees are within walking distance to public transportation, as well as cafes and coffee shops.