Green Architectural Services

RS2 Architects performs the following “Green” services to help you reduce your architectural footprint on the earth.

Site Analysis: RS2 will perform a comprehensive site review in order to understand all of its features including what are its key aspects and what are its major liabilities. We will check the site restrictions, existing landscaping, services and infrastructure, local and regional climates, local heritage and if there are any natural restrictions or more serious hazards that may be hidden.

Programming: At RS2 we understand the many different areas / uses and components of a building. We can help layout your building in such a way that utilizes the space in the most efficient and appropriate manner so that it suites your needs and requirements. A well planned building or residence can also help reduce energy bills.

Building Envelope Analysis: RS2 will do a thorough review of your building envelope including walls, windows, floor and roof. Using existing drawings and field investigations RS2 will estimate the R-value of your envelope. This will give us a base number that we can then use to begin determining what direction we will need to go in increasing the R-value of the structure.

Renewable Energy: At RS2 we are always looking at ways to include renewable energy systems into the structures we build. These can include Wind Turbines or even Solar Power. Wouldn’t it be great to sell electricity back to the electric company?

Construction Waste: A major contributor to landfills is construction waste. RS2 can help assist you in determining the most effective use of an existing structure to assure minimal waste. We can also design structures that limit waste and use recycled and refurbished material.

Green Product Selection: By understanding building construction materials, RS2 can help specify environmentally preferable products. These products are typically reviewed by a third party that helps assure the public that the products are as ecologically friendly as possible. This can include easy renewable resources such as bamboo or salvaged tile from an 1890’s Queen Anne style home.