Conditioned Air

In today’s world of Green Architecture one of the main Categories in this program has to do with heating and cooling buildings.  How can that help you green your home?  Well one of the best things to do is Insulate, insulate, insulate.  By starting with insulation, you can prepare your home’s envelope so you can begin searching for an efficient HVAC system. 

There are basically a few basic things that a homeowner can do to help “Green” their home regarding HVAC system.  The first is what type of HVAC system is best suited for your home. There are many different type of systems out there so talk to your local professional regarding which system works for you.  Next overlooked area is the location of the duct system, which can have great impact on the size and type of system you will use.  Always run the duct system in a conditioned space.  The key to that is that the air that is being delivered doesn’t cool or heat up on its way to your vents.  Also make sure that the ducts are properly insulated and sealed. When picking a system also be cognizant of the type of air filtration system that will be used.

Today’s HVAC systems are extremely energy efficient and the savings can be substantial when all the different aspects are taken into consideration.

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