It is all in the Roof

Every wonder what is keeping the rain out.  Your roof, that’s what.  Ever wonder what type of roof you have?  Probably not, but it is one of the most important parts of your home.  There are many types of roofing systems ranging from typical asphalt shingles to zinc clad metals and everything in between. 

One of the most environmentally friendly roofing material is metal.  Metal roofing first and foremost is 100% recyclable.  That is an extremely significant number.  There are very few materials used for the construction of your home that can boast that type of recyclability.  Another nice aspect of the metal roof is that the coatings out there offer a “cooling effect” in that much of the heat is reflected away from your home resulting in lower energy costs.   By reducing energy consumption from heating and cooling your home you will reduce your over all footprint on the environment. Over the years you will be surprised by the savings both environmentally and financially.

If you install a new metal roof you will be installing most likely the last roof you will ever need.  They help protect from fire, they are very durable and can be very aesthetically beautiful.  The next time you thing about a roof think again and investigate.

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