Water Efficiency

Today there is a lot said about energy efficiency.  This can include everything from energy efficient windows to energy efficient appliances.  I would like to mention a little about water energy efficiency.  Did you know that if you insulated your pipes coming out of the hot water heater by just a few feet, you can reduce your energy consumption.  Remember, there is water in the pipes and the pipes have a tendency to extract the heat out of the water.  This in turns cool the water and the hot water heater has to fire up again to replenish the heat.  Also, place that water heater has close as possible to the main user, typically the bathroom.  The longer the distance the water has to travel then the more energy it takes to heat that water back up.

 Another way to go is the Tankless Water Heater.  Currently there are tax credits (up to 30% of the cost), utility rebates that can help offset the costs.  These water heaters can be a bit costly, ranging anywhere from $150 for a single use to $900 for a complete residential unit.  There are many different brands out there so look around before you purchase and find the right one for your application.

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