Mid Century Split Level

The Green Room

Your efficient utilities are not only saving the planet, but also the “green” in your wallet. A tankless water heater provides instant hot water while radiant heating efficiently keeps the home a comfortable temperature. All of your LIFEspace’s mechanicals can be controlled wirelessly from the media portal.

Sleep Sanctuary

After a long day on the job, your bedroom sanctuary awaits. Thick walls keep this area of your LIFEspace cool and quiet, providing the ideal sleeping atmosphere. In the morning, your media portal coordinates with your alarm to open your curtains and let the warm sunshine start your day.

Life Organizer

The LIFEspace is equipped with under stair built-ins allow for storage and display of your life. A coat closet and bike storage is  incorporated into the design.

Social Flux

This bookshelf allows you to change the use of your LIFEspace with a simple hinge. In the out position, an office space is created and doorway visitors are blocked from viewing too much of your life space. In the closed positon, the screen hides your work area from guests while entertaining (or perhaps allows you to conventiently “forget” your taxes one

Media Portal

From Facebook to Quickbooks, your media portal has you covered. Along with a computer, this tech center is

specifically designed to be a rally point for your devices as a wireless charge pad provides power for smartphones and tablets. A quick connect port also allows you to control all mechanical and electrical aspects of your LIFEspace from one central device.ia Portal


Pixel Perfect

Your LIFEspace wouldn’t be complete without your prized flat screen, and what better place to put it than in a custom alcove integrated into the central stair. Built in ports allow you to connect you tv directly to the internet for streaming HD content.

Elevavate your life

A  central stair is the core of your LIFEspace. Not only does it provide access to an upstair loft area (can be built out to accomodate your family’s changing needs) but its

multifunctionality makes it an essential part of your daily routine. Whether you are watching tv, going for a bike ride, looking for a book or cooking dinner, the stair is designed to make your busy life that much easier.ate your life


Simply Swedish

This sleek IKEA sourced kitchen is modern and elegant, yet simple to maintain. A built in breakfast nook is the perfect place to sip your morning coffee while streaming the news wirelessly via the Media Portal, or perhaps open the panaramic glass doors and dine al fresco, with the LIFEspace, the choice is yours!

Creative cuisine

This open pantry becomes a blank canvas for your creativity. Whether you arrange your foodstuffs by size, shape or color, simple everyday products turn your LIFEspace into artful exhibits of your inner Mondrian.

Illuminate your wardrobe

With LIFEspace, you will no longer will you be stuck in a dark closet trying to decide if those pants are black or blue, an innovative frosted glass wall allows light to pass from the kitchen into the closet. The spacious closet is designed to perfectly accommodate an IKEA storage system